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An online Bleach RP. It will center around a class of students new to the Soul Society.
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 Welcome to the Soul Society

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Soul Society   Welcome to the Soul Society I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2009 9:51 pm

So this is my second attempt to start a Bleach Rp. I tried running one on a kids site and I got completely bored of it. So I decided to start another one, but this time try and get it a little more open, and a bit more of a literate Rp.

If you have any questions please let me know. More posts to come describing in full the storyline of the Rp.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the Soul Society   Welcome to the Soul Society I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 05, 2009 10:51 am

RP Name: Kamui NaijiWelcome to the Soul Society D29f28
Gender: Male
Rank: Vice Captain
Element: Shifting-elemental
Zanpatou Type:Kido
Zanpatou Humanoid form:[imgright][/imgright]
Zanpatou Beast form:kirin

Energy Color: RedWelcome to the Soul Society Cfb6637(if envoking Suzaku),BlueWelcome to the Soul Society 566a890(if envoking Seiryuu), Black or Dark GreenWelcome to the Soul Society 1a0b154(if invoking Genbu), SilverWelcome to the Soul Society 840b92 (
if envoking Byyako),Gold [Welcome to the Soul Society 0244583(if envoking the Emperor of the Void)
Species: Human
Height: 6.2
Weight: 205 lb
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Amber
Abilities:Swordfighting, excels at footwork, Shunpo trained, Advanced kido trainning( due to living life as priest and Reaper trainning), Avanced Spirit Particle Manipulation Skills(also due to living life as priest and Reaper trainning)Advanced intellect, Tactical mind
Personality: Kamui is a quiet, kind and reserved young man(when not drinking) but in battle is highly focused aggressive fighter.
Weapons: Katana/wspirit compass embeded in the hilt with ribbon attched representing the four holy colors (Red, Blue, White, Black) and weapons representing the holy beasts of the four cardinal points.
Clothing: Kosode, Sandles,underware
Zanpaktou name and release trigger:Rashinban no Kami (Divine Compass)/ (and the Direction:North, South, ect..) the name of the holy beast he wishes to enovke.Zanpaktou Appearance-
First Form: Katana/wspirit compass embeded in the hilt with ribbons attched representing the four holy colors (Red, Blue, White, Black)
Shikai: Double Voulge[imgright][/imgright]/ with serated blades and a 10ft chain hidden within the hilt
Primary Powers: manipulation & magnification of traditional elements, lesser physical alterations based on elements, Instant analyzation of any material
Bankai:Evolved forms of the holy beasts enovokation or the primal form ,Ten Garandou Chushin (Divine Emperor Of the Void). Weapon disloves into Seething orbs of pure elemental engergy (that can be wielded in a manner silmilar to Chad) or shaped into weapons representing the holy beasts of the four cardinal points.For Ten'no Chushin the clothing changes to a silghtly etherial material with denotaions indcating some sort of divine warrior priest and each of the other gods have evolved forms (which are shown above).
Primary Powers:Kamui's Bankai include manipulation, magnification of traditional elements,phyical changes ( due to the inherent preistly powers) Instant analzation of any material, able to breakdown any substance into it's base elements and reform it, energy doppleganger, Limited control over aspects of nature in relation to the element which defines it ergo: Wind=Acceleration, Water=Density, Fire=Energy, Earth=Gravity,Aether=Space/Time( Only the true form of the Bankai can access all elemental dominon powers).

Backround: Kamui was a happy high school student and a full time priest-in-trainning at the Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho(Four Gods Of Heaven and Earth)temple. He and his fraternal twin sister Sakura(actually older by ten minutes) enjoyed a semi idylic exsistance banishing spirits, or calming lost ones by envoking the sacred elemental power for which his family( Temple Gaurdians for centuries) were known for. Unfortunately this power was just what attracted a powerful entity known only as the Immensity. Kamui and Saukra's power was just what this dark force desired. So one fateful day this evil enity attacked the family temple. The brave parents of the siblings fought courageously but were over come by the Immensity's power. At the moment of their parents demise Kamui and Sakura came into their full birth right as their parents in their death throse willed the power to the teenagers in the hopes that it would make them strong enough to fight back the darkness that was invading this humble temple. Enpowered by the strenghth of their parents tragically was still not enough. Sakura being the oldest and therfore was next in line to be head Pristess fought with a foracity unseen in this world for centuries. Using the most ancient forces she could call upon she drove the Immensity to it's knees and would have very well destroyed the creature if not for Kamui. You see Kamui stuck in mourning for his parents had failed to act against the Immensity and in that moment it chose to strike!! Sakura leaped to his defense only to be struck down because she attemped to save him. The Immensity drained of her life force but could not steal her power because it had transferred to the last living member of the Naiji family, Kamui. Empowered by the freshly drained life force The Immensity struck Kamui hoping to finally drain the family's great power. Unable to fight having been already defeated by his own sorrow. Kamui thought all was lost and began to slip in to the cold darkness of death. Until in his fevered imaginings he thought he heard a voice whisper to him" Will you let their sacrifice of love be in vain" His eyes flew open. empower by rage and flanked by his unknown saviors they did battle with the Immensity and drove it back into the shadows forever but at a terrible price. The binding spell Kamui used was a powerful one which required the life force of the caster to pull off. And although the Naiji died that day their youngest son was reborn as a Soul Reaper.
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Welcome to the Soul Society
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