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An online Bleach RP. It will center around a class of students new to the Soul Society.
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 Squad 13 - Profiles

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PostSubject: Squad 13 - Profiles   Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:41 pm

Here you post your character profile. Please follow this guide, thank you.

RP Name:
Rank: (leave blank until assigned)
Energy Color:
Zanpaktou Shikai- (please post both release command and name)
Shikai Appearance:
Brief shikai ability overview:

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PostSubject: Re: Squad 13 - Profiles   Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:33 pm

RP Name: Reidon Nishuran
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Energy Color: Green
Appearance: Has semi long black hair tied up in a pony-tail. Wears the normal black clothes and the white captain's robe ontop of that.
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 135
Zanpaktou name and release trigger: Defend and Destroy - Tetsu Heishi (Iron Soldiers)
Zanpaktou Appearance:
First Form: Normal Kitana
Shikai: (Iron Soldiers) looks the same but using my reiatsu has ability to replicate to large amounts which can be controlled by Reidon for a variety of attack...)
In its shikai form Tetsu no Heishi has 5 main special attacks,
1st Blade - Guillotine, (Ichi no Bure - Dogirochin) in which the blades come toghether and connect at the hilt to form a giant circle fo swords which spin very rapidly and fly off to slice anything,
2nd Blade - Iron Maiden, (Ni no Bure - Doaianmeiden) in which one sword flies off and stops just short of hitting the victim, it then replicates to surround the victim and all shoot forward, making escape near impossible
3rd blade - Razor Storm (San no Bure - Kamisorino Arashi), in which all swords surround Reidon and then expand in a giant storm, think hurricane with Reidon as its eye and swords flying in a clockwise rotation.
Hilt - Perseus shield, (Gara - Eiyuu no Tate) the blades converge to form a circular shield, very high defense against both physical and kido type attack.
Funeral Blade - Jaws of Anubis, (Sougi Bure - Jo Zuanubisu) one sword seems to dissapear and then a multitude of swords reappear from both the top an bottom of an opponent, closing in making what appears to be jaws when they close shut.
Bankai: (1/2 strenght - Imperial Metal Army (Koushitsu Tetsu Heishi), full - Advance (Jjizen Ni): Pure Iron Commander (Junsui Tetsu Shireikan) sword dissolves into a giant green seal on the ground, using reiatsu allows to take the metal in the earth and create a massive amount of blades (small like knife blades) (at full strength all blades converge on Reidon and form giant wings/tail and a sword...)

Backround: On earth Reidon has always been able to see spirits, and after he died early on in a car accident and found himself in rukongai. He strived to join soul society and after a couple years he advanced through the ranks. His strong spiritual level aided him in his goal.
Personality: Reidon is quite quiet on most occasions. He sees everything rationally and knows when to sacrifice and when to try and save. His ability to think about the big picture as well as see what the consequences of his actions will be is a key asset to his shinigami duties. While he acknowledges the need to fight he always tries to tell others never to confuse the need to fight with wanting to fight. And to always think logically when making decisions, as well as recognizing the fact that not making decisions is a decision in itself.
Weapons: Besides his zanpacto Reidon doesn't really use other weapons, his sword's ability means he does not need to be proficient in the use of kido, shunpo or hand to hand combat, though he ofcourse is trained to a relatively high degree in them he usually has no need to used them. However he does have some Kido dice, they are ancient family heirlooms, given to the person to first achieve bankai in each generation. They are a special sealing dice...
Other: Reidon is somewhat reserved, not usually seen much and doesn't really appreciated large crowds. Though he will tolerate them when need be.

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Squad 13 - Profiles
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