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An online Bleach RP. It will center around a class of students new to the Soul Society.
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 Squad 13 - Seating Chart

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PostSubject: Squad 13 - Seating Chart   Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:46 pm

As previously mentions seat spaces are determined on your RP'ing ability and well as some other factors, such as your activeness on this site and to some degree personality. We don't want a lazy stubborn unloyal person as a lieutenant...

Please post if you are interested in becoming a seated officer. I will PM you asking some basic information and such things, right now as it stands the seating arrangements are as follows:

Captain: Reidon Nishuran (Me)
Lieutenant: Open
3rd Seat- Open
4th Seat- Open
5th Seat- Open
6th Seat- Open
7th Seat- Open
8th Seat- Open
9th Seat- Open
10th Seat- Open
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Squad 13 - Seating Chart
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