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An online Bleach RP. It will center around a class of students new to the Soul Society.
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 Seventh Squad Profiles

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PostSubject: Seventh Squad Profiles   Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:25 pm

RP Name:
Energy Color:
Zanpaktou name and release trigger:
Zanpaktou Appearance:
First Form:


Please post your profile here after joining and approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Seventh Squad Profiles   Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:26 pm

RP Name: Serra
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Element: Void
Energy Color: Black
Species: Shinigami
Height: 4'10
Weight: 107
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Abilities: Expert at Hand to hand, poor at Kidou
Clothing:Standard Shinigami Uniform
Zanpaktou name and release trigger:Las Gigas, Split the Void
Zanpaktou Appearance:
First Form:A white combat knife. The knife's blade is about ten inches in length and the handle is about six. The blade is pure white and the hilt and handle is black.
Shikai: A white scythe. The blade of the weapon is shaped in a talon curved arc and the handle was about six feet in length: In this form it can create wormholes to redirect attacks, much like Nova's shield
Bankai:A single white glove. The glove is beautiful in it's design. : Allows her to open any number of the wormholes at will, allowing for mass teleportation or redirecting many small attacks. Also she can create Void spears from her glove for melee or ranged combat. she can only open a worm hole if she has been there before.

Backround:A young child found wandering the outskirts of the Serietei. She was left alone by most of Soul Society, every now and then she was given some food which she would politely thank that person for. This was how her life was until one day a drunk Shinigami picked a fight with her. After he struck her she counter attacked catching him off guard and defeating him. Upon seeing this, one of the teachers at the academy immediately took her in to train her. She worked hard and has just graduated from the Academy. She excelled in Hadou but did not do so well with Kidou. Her sword skills were above average but still nothing special. With her skills she hopes to join the gate watch as an officer.

Personality:Calm collected and a little monotone. She does not really show much emotion outside silently shedding a few tears whens he is sad. Still she is a very kind person and very loyal to her friends. She does not make friends easily but when she has made a friend she clings.

Weapons:Her Zanpaktou, Standard Issue guard Staff
Other:She likes cake
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Seventh Squad Profiles
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