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An online Bleach RP. It will center around a class of students new to the Soul Society.
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 Meet you new captain.

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PostSubject: Meet you new captain.   Sat Dec 12, 2009 6:10 pm

RP Name: Akira Kurosawa
Age: 760 (19)
Gender: male
Rank: Captain and head of the department of R&D.
Element: poison
Energy Color: dark purple
Species: Shinigami
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair: dark brown. Shaggy
Eyes: pale blue
Abilities: Hand-to-hand combat and kido mastery.
Clothing: usual uniform only a bit baggier.
Zanpaktou name and release trigger: Akusei Ganshu (Malignant Carcinoma). "Invade, Akusei Ganshu."
Zanpaktou Appearance:
First Form: Nodachi with a dark purple hilt and scabbard
Shikai: A knife with metal knuckles looks kind of like this. Most of its abilities are centered around its chief ability. This is when it touches blood, it converts the blood into abnormal cells that form into a growth that drains its victim of life slowly. While the growth grows, it roots into the victim's nervous system and agitates the victim's pain receptors. He uses this technique to wear down his opponents and usually just beats the hell out of them with the metal knuckles. He can also eat the growths to replenish his life.
Bankai: Kitoku Akusei Ganshu (Critical Malignant Carcinoma). In his bankai form, Akira is dressed as a renaissance plague doctor. In this form, he generates a cloud of air-born bacteria he can focus into growths that hatch and create horrific creatures. The bacteria also has the same effect on blood that the shikai form has. Only they can now enter the blood stream and create growths internally. However, the growth process is slowed down a bit.

Backround: Akira had a lot of reiatsu as a child. So much, in fact, that it made him very ill. He was often visited in his dreams by the spirit of Akusei Ganshu. In his dreams, Akusei Ganshu taught him how to control his poisonous reiatsu, and brought him out of his illness. Finally noticing the power of his reiatsu, he enrolled himself in the soul reaper academy so he could better learn to control it.
Personality: A bit odd. People usually see two sides of Akira. The first side is the side he shows to his friends. To his friends, he's very kind and friendly always likes to help them with their various problems. Then there is the side he shows to his enemies/test subjects. To them, he is very cruel and sadistic. Often poking and prodding them in very painful ways. This usually works out because most of his test subjects are enemies he salvages off of the battle field.
Weapons: He usually uses his zanpakuto, but that is only to limit him. He uses his fists when his zanpakuto isn't enough. He often combines the two. He also has several devices he invented.
Other: He is currently working on creating his own form of shunko.
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Meet you new captain.
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