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An online Bleach RP. It will center around a class of students new to the Soul Society.
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 Squad 9- Profiles

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PostSubject: Squad 9- Profiles   Squad 9- Profiles I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2009 3:08 pm

RP Name:
Rank: (leave blank until assigned)
Energy Color:
Zanpaktou name and release trigger:
Zanpaktou Appearance:
First Form:


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PostSubject: Re: Squad 9- Profiles   Squad 9- Profiles I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2009 3:28 pm

Squad 9- Profiles Akaira-san-513283_800_500
Name : Akaira Maichiru

Age: 16

Description: Tall, reasonably slender. Long neat flowing honey blond hair, cut into layers which frame her face very well which is normaly kept down. Her eyes are wide a deep clear bluish-green that always seem to sparkle with excitement and joy, there known to twinkle very brightly when she has an idea; or is in a generaly good mood. Have often been described as looking into a calm clear stream on a sunny day. Always wears black fingerless gloves and a small sapphire necklace at times. Is known to wear a blue or black tank top and tight dark blue denim jeans whenever she can; and almost always has a very small but sincere smile that seems to make other people want to smile too. Is known to show off every now and then; almost always has some kind of flower in her hair. Several scars on upper back and tattoos on lower back, chest right upper arm and back of her neck

Rank: Captain 9th Company

Personality: Akaira is a master of hand to hand and weapons combat, she only uses her Zanpakuto when needed. Despite protests from her friend she never wears a Quincy outfit, because she feels in doing so she would be disrespecting the Quincy's for she isn't a Quincy by blood. The same is said for a soul reaper uniform and she only wears one within the soul society, just to blend in. Because Akaira isn't a full fleaded soul reaper it was impossible for her to travel from the soul society and be able to return, but thanks to help from Urahara the tattoo on her lower back allows her to do some freely. She enjoys the freedom in Karakura over the soul society. Because of the strange nature of her powers Akaira often questions if she is truly human and feels very lost not sure where and if she truly belongs

Akaira may seem like a punk but to those who know her well know that she is a kind gentle soul and can be fragile at times. But normally is not someone you want to mess with (just ask any of her friends.) Her punky attitude is one of her most charming qualities; for when in doubt she can always make you smile. Her intelligence is greater than most people her age, but sometimes she can be easily blinded by her own stubbornness.
In these cases she is generally wise enough to turn to others for help. She is known to be extremely quiet and secretive so as not to worry others, or to often hide the fact she is in pain and possibly in need. The problem is she a little too good at hiding her feelings; so often times she doesn't allow herself to get the help and guidance she really needs. Luckily it usually takes a lot to get her to completely shutdown and resort to such extreme measures; the funny thing is she’s much better at better at solving other peoples problems than her own and when in the right mood her kindness knows no limits and she won't think twice about willingly giving up her life for the people she loves.

Special Skills: Is an expert cook; strategist and can easily create almost anything when put up to the task

Hobbies: Pranking, sleeping, chating, slacking, flirting, listening to music, partying like crazy & hanging out with her friends

Special Skills: Master of hand to hand and weapons combat. As well as advanced enginering, robotics, chemistry and general sciences. Is an expert ; strategist and can easily get herself and others out of a tricky situation

Most known for: Her punky Attitude, Making people smile or laugh, trouble making, kind heart, can be extremely fragile and is not someone you want to wake up from a nap

Bio: Born with the ability to see spirits & extraordinary power Akaira grew up very different then most kids her age. She could tell very young her mother didn't care for her. Her parents divorced; her mother loved to flirt with older and soon younger men. As a result Akaira was often pawned off on other people. Due to this she felt like nothing but a burden so she always tried to be useful and was very quiet and out of the way. She hardly got to see her father much; he always seemed to be working.

So Akaira would talk to the spirits; she loved to make them happy by comforting them or listening to the stories they had to tell. She quickly gained Knowledge of the soul reapers and the Quincy’s. Her interest began to grow and she later became aware of her own spiritual power.

Due to her loneliness she turned to knowledge as a form of coping. Which would prove to be a good thing her intelligence would enable her to do a multitude of things; like increase her spirit energy. On a not so good note she would become extremely fragile and grew up in tune to the emotions of others, and could almost always tell what others were feeling, what they are going to say before they say it and even what they might be thinking. She was fortunate enough to meet a few people she felt understood her; one who was a Quincy whom she meet during her first trip to Karakura.

Though the terms of which this happened is long forgotten the two didn't get along so great at first. Things would improve; one day afraid she might get lost she followed him to his sensai's. While hiding behind a bush she tripped over a tree root and hurt herself. Sensai helped the frightened girl; she insiststed that she is fine and apologizes for following him she was just scared she'd get lost. She happens to notice his Quincy outfit; after commenting it becomes obvious that he’s not to thrilled that she can identify him has a Quincy. She explains the spirits she comforted told her about the soul reapers and the Quincy’s and holds up a Quincy cross a gift from one of the spirits she comforted. She explains that she can see spirits; she knows it sounds crazy but she can. She likes to talk to them and comfort them; she trys to help them, but she can't. She can see demons too; they hurt the poor spirits; she knows the soul reapers can't handle them all. When she’s older she wants to protect everyone from demons. In awe of his need to protect everyone from hollows, and determination Akaira began to admire the Quincy and the two quickly became friends. Soon she found she had something to look forward to and enjoyed their visits; as their friendship began to grow she felt happy that she now had someone who she could really talk to and who could truly understand her. Thanks to help from he and his sensai soon decided to train her to become a strong Quincy so she could protect those she loved.

When her birthday came around he gave her a silver sapphire necklace one of her most prized possesstions, but nothing lasts forever...Soon he and his sensai weren't the only ones who began to notice Akaira’s incredible spirit power grow; soon none other than squad 12's Captain began to take interest. One cold dark night on her way home she was stopped by a group of soul reapers who demanded that she go with them to the soul society; that night her family was slaughtered by the soul reapers sent by none other than the squad 12's Captain to capture the girl. She was able to get away if she hadn't been able to seal her spirit energy she wouldn't have been able to get far.

After the murder of her family Akaira believed she was responsible and sank into depression. Convinced she was nothing but a danger to herself and the ones she loved she fled her home; after a tearful goodbye to her friends. She wondered the world in bitter sorrow; but soon it didn't matter how far she went. She was captured and taken to the soul society though a secret gate underground. She would discover to her horror that she wasn't the only one he Captain had taken. Tortured, tormented & torn apart they were left them in cages to watch as they were each dissected; in his experimental trails merely called soul edge (srry name needs work) children with high levels of spirit energy were then experimented on. The goal of this experiments has never been established. While most died in these painful trails Akaira was one of the lucky ones; it was through this she gained her zanpakuto though strangely she is not a soul reaper. As a result of this she has Incredibly unstable spirit energy and has to place several seals on her body so her spiritual power won't exceed that of her physical body .

Soon the soul society became aware of the horrible experiments and compromised the operation, but they were too late. Those still alive were left to die; Akaira was able to escape and freed the only other survivor. Lost and left for dead with in the soul society the two were forced to hide to avoid capture and execution; the two trained and became stronger. Covered up by the Captain and a bribed group of soul reapers the operation as classified a failure and the report stated their were no survivors; it could only get worse... Much to Akairas horror the Captain was able to keep his place as captain of squad 12. Strangely Akaira has chosen not to hate all soul reapers for the loss of her family, but can't allow herself to forgive the man responsible for their murder.

From the experiments she bears the # 9 on her chest on right upper arm; ironically she would later become the captain of squad 9 after seeing its former captain torment and torture his subordinance. She was loved by her subordinance for her kindness,compassion and for sparing a bad captain. They worked hard though she never asked just to please her. The Captain of squad 12 was unaware of her identity and she planed to keep it that way. Most of the captains began to love her as well and she loved them. Once again her happiness couldn't last forever....She discovered someone wanted her dead and to protect her friends she left the soul society on a mission and didn't return. After her disappearance news that she was killed by a large group of hollows spread her friends in the soul society were horror struck.

She still blames herself for the murder of her parents and for the experiments; so she refused to have anything to do with anyone not wanting to endanger anyone. She once again wandered in bitter sorrow. This brought her to a school shortly after which she was convinced to live and try to forget her past.

Dispite her soft appearce she is shy and has a deep love of all things cute and small. Thouse who know her well know that shes a highly skilled fighter generally outgoing with a love for fun, but keeps her shady past a secret from her comrades. Many love her for little sisterish charm and wonder. Overall she is a quite, very loyal, protective daydreamer, but has some strange and very pessimistic views on humanity..

Though she comes off as a slacker in her group of friends she is by far the smartest of them and has been thought to be a child prodigy because of the great skill she possess at a young age; surprisingly she can be rather immature and extremely sarcastic whenin a bad mood and tends to have an overactive imagination. She has a weakness for pawky and any kind of sugery of her friends has commented that maybe a good " suger rush" is the reason for these behaviors
Zanpakuto -Tenshi yochimu (angel's distant dream)

Shikai release phase- " Grant this my last wish "

Manifestation:Squad 9- Profiles The-Mist-cardcaptor-sakura-6190328-512-384
Level: Banaki
Shikai: description: resembles Saber's sword from Fate stay night; She wears a beautiful blue, white and gold dress. Often disgused as a metal staff that she can shrink and carry in her pocket at all times.
Squad 9- Profiles I_will13
Issuinoyume (empty dream )
A fine mist forms and within its icy grip. Akaira can minipulate all six sences. This has limited range however, and she can only control that within the mist.

Duration and or Cooldown:
Duration - 3 Turn
Cooldown - 4 Turn

Shugotenshi yochimu (guardian angel's distant dream)
release command: "That which was once forgotten arise and put an end to this sorrow with this Shugotenshi yochimu.."
Squad 9- Profiles 021
first stage- large white wings sprout from two scars on her back, these allow for greater speed, and can harden and become bladed for better protection and attacks.. She wears a more elegant dress. her zanpakuto becomes a large staff with a decorated mirror with wings and vines on the sides, used later for handles. On top rests an old fastion crown. Any attacks that strike the mirror are absorbed and shot back or stored in the glowing mirror for use in Akaira's attacks.(of course the odds of hitting this are kinda slim really)

second stage- The crown on the top of her staff desends into the ground and dissapears. The ground and sky begin to glow and become mirror like. Soon this becomes a valley of glass that extends untill the ground ends; and a maze of mirrors suround you making it difficult to truly know where your eniemy may be. Any low damage attack done to the mirrors is absorbed. The mirrored ground reflects any happiness that once resided (ex. if you were to look down wounded your reflection wouldn't look hurt at all, or a city looks like the beautifull forest it once was. To offer some peace of mind and hope, but serves no other perpouse.

final stage- majikkumira (the magic mirror) the staff dispears and Akaira holds the small mirror close to her heart; The valley of glass and the mirror maze and there shards show what was, what is, and what could be, what the heart disires, what they fear, a younger or former representaion of themselfs or those they care about even dead loved ones.
Unknown to those but her true friends there is actually a special mirror for everyone within the valley of glass shaped to apeal to that person and only they can see the horrors and joys within that mirror; though Akaira's has changed shape over time each time given the chance to look in she instead smashes it. When one of her friends questioned her about this her only response was " the eyes weren't meant to see that which heart dissires most." and has so far offered no futher explaintion
Squad 9- Profiles Akaira-san-674981_317_318
Name: hitoshirezu kanashimi (hidden sorrow)
Effects: a glass chamber is formed over the eniemy within it one is forced to face one's greatist fear or tragic memories only then can you leave the chamber. The walls can reflect of absorb most attacks, but of course isn't completely unbreakable. But can reform a limited number of times..

Duration and or Cooldown:
Duration - 2 Turn
Cooldown - 4 Turn

Shugotenshi tensei (guardian angel's heavenly voice)
description: When Akaira's staff disapers and the majikkumira apears her voice becomes almost anglic; and hypnotic. Her gentle voice begins to put you at ease; untill you are unaware of your suroundings. While this is a rather slow progresstion; one starts to feel very warm. The sound of her voice almost seems to incress these feelings of warmth and joy. As this incresses a fine mist forms and the mirrors around you begins to project your hearts greatist dissire. Akaira has no controll over what is seen and felt

Duration and or Cooldown:
Duration - 5 Turn
Cooldown - 8Turn

Akaira's Kidou
Name: Kiyo megumi (pure blessing)
Command: "fade and restore-risutoa... kiyo megumi."

Effects: Heals up to 30% of damage done to people and the area within range

Description:She creates large glowing wings of spirit energy and spirit particals form and can function as a kind of sheld she can close to protect herself and use as a weapon as well; by using there razar sharp tips to slice enemies.

At her command her wings made of spirit energy disperse and reapair 30% of damage to the place and people within the area. The wings fade and there based attacks can't be used for an extended period which is needed to gather an vast amount of spirit particles to reform them if she choses. This takes a great deal of power from her, because she uses a mixture of spirit particuls and some of her own spirit energy.

Duration and or Cooldown:
Duration - 1 Turn
Cooldown: 3

Name: Tenpuku (heavenly blessing)
Command:" break-kujiku and spread this my tenpuku.."

Effects: Heals allies wounds to allow for less pain and easier movement

more powerful then her kiyo megumi and heals whom she choses. Unlike her kiyo megumi that can heal eniemies as well as allies as long as their within the area; this method with only help whom she choses.Like her kiyo megumi she collects a large amount of spirit particles and releases them at her command, but can effect her power because she uses her spirit energy to. This method can't fully heal all wounds, but allows for easier movement and less pain.

Duration and or Cooldown:
Duration - 2 Turn
Squad 9- Profiles Saber-Angel-fate-stay-night-3796246-500-375Squad 9- Profiles Check_10
Name: Yami no Tenshi (Angel of darkness)
Command: This is the end...Yami no Tenshi

Effects: Can cause temporary paralysis, and or strange delusions to anyone within a short range

Description: The # 9 on her chest and upper arm glow a bright red; her eyes became a deadly crimson. Dark shadowy mist form around her; she shots a powerful dark black and red ray from her hand. This can cause paralysis; at first its affects are very weak, but as time passes it becomes stronger and can leave one completely immobilized for a very short period of time. Its effects differ to thouse with a strong will; who just experience strange and confusing delusions.

In this state the normily good willed Akaira is completely unaware of her actions and those around her; and will attack anyone who stands in her way including those she loves. This gives her more power but at a terrible cost; when she has reached her limit her remaining spirit energy is painfully sucked back into her; rendering her unconscious. Due to this this attack is used only as a very last resort.

Duration and or Cooldown:
Duration - 5-6 Turn
Cooldown: (is knocked unconscious)
Squad 9- Profiles 27329DarkAnimeAngel2
(occ srry i relise this is a bit outta order I'll gladly fix it later)

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PostSubject: Setsuna Usagi   Squad 9- Profiles I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2009 4:55 pm

RP Name: Setsuna Usagi
Age: appears 20 but is actually 800
Gender: male
Rank: (leave blank until assigned)
Element: Fire and Darkness
Energy Color: Black
Species: Soul reaper
Height: 6'0
Weight: 157lb
Hair: Silver
Eyes: blue
Abilities: Exceptional strength, and minor level Kido.
Clothing: Normal Soul Reaper uniform.
Zanpaktou name and release trigger: Zetsumei. Break the gates and blacken the skies, reign down fire and spread death across the land, ZETSUMEI!

Zanpaktou Appearance:
First Form: Normal Katana
Shikai: (blade form in picture) Squad 9- Profiles Setsuna

In Shikai he has three abilities.

Gunryo Bikou(Army of Shadows) - This ability takes on the Darkness attribute of his Zanpaktou and depending on how many shadows are around him, he creates an army clones made out of darkness. Each clone only has about 1/4 of his abilities so they are pretty easy to destroy but their attacks are all focused on lethal points so they still pose a threat.

Zetsumei dokubutsu(Deadly poison) - when cut by his Zanpaktou it emits a special type of spiritaul energy into his opponent that attacks the vital organs in the body, the only problem is this ability is only perfected in Bankai so the worst it does is cause slight paralysis which only gets worse the more his sword cuts or stabs.

Enkou Keimusho(Flaming prison) - Is a last resort, if things get to bad and he knows he is going to die he activates this which traps both him and his target within a flaming sphere which eventually burns both to ash. It will only release when he commands it to or if his Shikai is broken.

Bankai: Zetsumei Gensui(Death and Decay)

Squad 9- Profiles Pop2-Sword

Zetsumei dokubutsu(Deadly poison) - Is the main ability of his Bankai, when cut or wounded by this blade his targets body slowly begins to decay without any source of a cure. It can only be stopped by over whelming the spiritual enegry that eats away at the body with a massive amount of spiritual preasure.

Susamajii Kuromeru(Terrible Blackness) - Traps the enemy is shear darkness that is extremely heavy making it impossible to see the enemy until a few seconds after Setsuna is attacking, it is also almost impossible to move in this darkness.

Baindingu Houka Rensa(Binding Fire Chains) -Simply used as a capture method, it wraps the target and flaming chains that sear and burn the body making it painfully hard to move or focus.

Backround: Setsuna died and entered the Rukon district of Soul Society where he was accepted into a small family. He fit in well with the family having a little sister and served as the big brother figure, he had bizarre strength for the average soul which was when the soul reaper started to watch him. With time his spiritual energy started to grow and affect those around but nothing to serious just became a little harder to move or breathe around him at times, thats when he was taken into the academy to prevent it from getting worse and teach him to control it. There he is now waiting to be accepted into a squad. (Will add more when stuff happens. Razz)
Personality: Setsuna is rather quiet and doesnt question much, he loves going the extra mile just to make others happy espicially with children. He is rather kind and hates any violence he is faced with always looking for a peaceful resolve but if none can be found or if he is ordered he quickly changes into a silent and monsterous fighter.
Weapons: Just his Zanpaktou.
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PostSubject: Re: Squad 9- Profiles   Squad 9- Profiles I_icon_minitime

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Squad 9- Profiles
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