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An online Bleach RP. It will center around a class of students new to the Soul Society.
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 Meet Your Captain

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PostSubject: Meet Your Captain   Tue Dec 08, 2009 6:28 pm

RP Name:
Natsume Hyūga (in Japanese: Hyūga Natsume) nickname: Persona
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Rank: 11th Squad Captain
Element: Metal and Darkness
Energy Color: Black with silver specks
Species: Shinigami
Height: 6 feet, 5 inches
Weight: 165 lbs {BMI of 19.6}
Hair: Shaggy-ish and jet-black
Eyes: Jet black with a crimson tint
Abilities: Very skilled in Kidō to the point where he doesn't have to say the full spell for it to be powerful. He has the to walk on air using spiritual power and is excellent at Zanjutsu. His weakest point is with hand-to-hand combat.
Clothing: Normally like the picture, however he will wear the standard uniform when he has too.

Zanpaktou name and release trigger: Satsuriku-no-Tenshi: Satsuriku means 'death' and Tenshi is 'angel.' put the two together and you get the meaning of the name. 'Angel of Death.' The word 'satsuriku' specifically is referring to the death like carnage.
Zanpaktou Appearance:
Satsuriku-no-Tenshi takes on the appearance of a small twig tucked into the belt of Persona. However, when he pulls it out to weild it his reiatsu expands it out, forcing it's full normal form to be revealed. It looks similar to a double-pointed spear.
First Form:

In his Shikai form, Satsuriku-no-Tenshi expands into a scythe. The key word is unknown to everyone but Persona because he whispers it so softly so only he and Satsuriku-no-Tenshi can hear. The same goes for the three abilities that his Shikai has. He whispers them very softly.
However, for referance, this is his key word to unlock the Shikai:
Satsui Satsui when translated into english means 'intent to kill.'
And these are the three abilities:
1. Sesshou meaning "destuction of life"
2. Koppamijin meaning "to break into small fragments"
3. Mikkura meaning "total darkness"

Satsuriku-no-Tenshi Sakki 'Angel of Death' and 'thirst for blood.'
When released, Natsume's bankai fills the air with a dark smog like substance. It wraps reiatsu around the Captain like a dark robe. The man's speed greatly increases when in bankai. Also, when he moves the smog momentarily disappears and then regathers around the Captain. This darkness can spread to his opponent and with that ability, Persona can use many of his abilities.
The weapon itself is melded from his reiatsu bones and the former weapon. The scythe lengthens.
Persona's bankai and him could greatly resemble the human 'Grim Reaper.'
For referance, these are the abilities:
1. Gekidoku meaning "deadly poison"
2. Sasu meaning "to stab"
3. Zetsumei meaning "end of life"

Backround: Throughout his life, this shinigami has been marked as 'too dangerous' to be placed with the other students. As such, he spent a majority of time in a dungeon that he created, that he called his home. Due to this isolation, he accumulated a great amount of resent and hatred for most other people.
Personality: Persona is seen to be a very cold and cruel character. He will show no mercy. He seems to hate others. However, on the inside he is a sad and lonely person.
Weapons: the rare ability, his zanpaktou, and Kidō
Other: Persona {Natsume} has a rare ability called the Mark of Death. It allows him to kill anything which he comes in contact with. This ability effects the 'victim' by creating dark patches on the skin/area of contact; these dark patches begin to spread throughout the organism and cause a painful and hot sensation. It then begins to decay the body from the inside and eventually causes death. He can also use this ability to create a cloud of black smoke which, though it does not kill, causes a severe pain to whomever it touches.

Persona is not able to control this power himself and thus has many Control Devices - the most notable of which is his white mask. The mask makes it possible for him to touch living organisms without harming them. He also wears a dangling earring on his left ear which keeps this ability from rotting his own body. If the earring was ripping off, his body would again begin to decay.

Also, Persona's reiatsu is so high that he wears the mask not only to help control his ability, but to limit the amount of reiatsu that he uses {think Kenpachi and the eyepatch}.

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PostSubject: Re: Meet Your Captain   Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:28 pm

Ooc: Gahh! Sorry I know where that pic of Natsume comes from. XD I love watching that. Laughing
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Meet Your Captain
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